Peter Green Guitar Instruction

    Located in the Sarasota/Venice, Florida area, with over 35 yrs of experience and thousands of successful students taught, I offer high quality, professional guitar and bass instruction online via Skype or Facetime. I teach in a relaxed but effective style, which produces results. If you've ever wanted to learn the guitar or if you've been playing for years and need to refresh your knowledge or gain a new direction in your playing, I can help. I teach all ages and all levels, up to advanced players. Beginners are welcome too! I'm a full time professional musician well versed in rock, pop, blues, jazz, country, folk and classical styles on acoustic or electric guitar. In addition, I specialize in fingerstyle guitar. My students receive a well rounded approach that includes learning songs they enjoy as well as theory, reading, ear training, melody, timing and groove, composition, scales and finger exercises.  I also teach them to be confident and relaxed in their playing. I have many references available. "My students' success is my main concern." And, the first lesson is always free, with no obligation.

  *Lessons are also available in music recording and production and beginner drums.

To contact Peter for private instruction,  send an email to: or call or text 631-882-7797.


   Online lessons are offered via Skype and Facetime (Mac/iPad/iPhone). This is a very efficient way to learn guitar and it's also very useful for students who travel on business, who have busy lives and can't spare the drive time to a lesson and for students who can't physically get to a lesson, including younger students who don't yet own a car. And, if you live up north and there's 2 feet of snow on the ground, a Skype lesson is the way to go! Grab your guitar, a cup of hot java and have a seat in front of your computer, to enjoy a lesson.
   Some students are a little unsure about online lessons at first, but with the advances in computer speed, WIFI and webcams in recent years, it's a become a reliable, enjoyable, stress free way to have a lesson. It works just as well as an in-person lesson. I can see and hear the student and they can see and hear me. I can adjust camera angles for closeups of the guitar. I can write out songs and exercises and email them over to the student immediately. Or send them PDFs from my extensive list of teaching materials on my computer. I can also open up Youtube, listen to a song, figure it out by ear and teach it to the student. And, online lessons can be video recorded and screen shots saved, for the student to review at any time after the lesson.
     I also offer excellent technical support for new students who have never "Skyped" before. I'll show you how to easily setup your camera and mic and how to signup for a Skype account and log on. The first lesson is free, so I suggest that anyone contemplating an online lesson, give it a try. There's nothing to lose and you might find it's the best guitar lesson you've ever had!

Student Reviews

I "found" Peter when I heard a young man playing at a school event and inquired who his guitar teacher was. What a "find" he was! My pre-teen daughter is thrilled with how much she has learned. Peter is an "uber" talented, patient, kind, supportive, and encouraging teacher who truly enjoys what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn guitar, or improve their skills!

Kerry D.

Pete is an absolutely phenomenal player with the skill, patience, and professionalism unparalleled by other teachers. I took lessons from Pete for five years, and I continue to play for local bands as well as solo projects. I had recommended him to friend of mine who is continuing his studies and plays professionally. His encouragement and passion for his art is evident in his talent, and is reflected in his students' performance. I highly would recommend Pete to guitarists of any age and of any skill level.

I've been with Pete for about a year and a half and I have a great time playing now. I learn what I want, when I want. My playing and confidence has increased tremendously. Not only that, I've gained a friend too.

I'm over 50 and thanks to lessons with Peter, I'm enjoing the guitar more than when I was 15. I highly recommend him.

Very accomplished musician,great teacher, lessons are upbeat and fun, has a very nice personality, I enjoy his teaching style, well worth giving him a try, You won't be disappointed.

I have just started lessons with Peter. I am a 68 year young beginner and I am enjoying my time and instruction with him. He also is a very talented and knowledgeable musician and guitarist.

You know what I think of you! You have helped me through some tough times simply by teaching me the guitar. You have helped one of my dreams come true.


Question And Answer

Q. Why does your work stand out from other teachers who do what you do?

A. I'm a full time professional teacher and musician with over 35 yrs experience. During that time, I've shared the stage with Paul Simon, Eddie Money, The Drifters and others and performed on countless recording sessions ranging from albums to commercials to movie soundtracks. Throughout my career, I've also taught many thousands of students and I've worked as a guitar teacher for numerous music schools and music stores, such as Focus II Guitar Centers, a major Long Island music retail chain. I know how to teach the guitar in the most efficient and enjoyable manor and how to inspire my students to succeed and achieve their musical goals. Many of my students have gone on to music schools, such as Berklee and Julliard. Others have performed at major venues such as Carnegie Hall and The Grand Ole Opry, in Nashville. And, many others have developed a lifelong skill that has given them hours of enrichment, enjoyment and relaxation, as well as the perfect way to express themselves artistically. Most importantly, I care about my students' success and I give them everything I can to ensure that success!

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. I love seeing students improve and I love teaching them the skills they need to continue their advancement for the rest of their lives. When students develop things like ear training, knowledge of music theory, reading and mechanics on the guitar, there's no limit in how far they can go with the instrument, in any style they choose. Taking a student from square one to the point where they can perform some of the songs they enjoy always gives me (and them!) a great sense of accomplishment. Having a student master a song and play it intuitively and expressively is, in the words of the great guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel, "A moment to live for!".

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

A. Well, everyone's first question usually is - "How much do you charge?" While that is a valid concern, what should be a more important question is, "What quality of musical instruction will you offer me or my child?" There are many guitar teachers who are far less experienced and knowledgeable, not only in music performance, but more importantly, in the ability to properly teach, guide and inspire students to succeed. Being an excellent guitar player does not mean that person will necessarily be an excellent guitar teacher. In addition, the most important teacher a guitar student has is his first! Sometimes students or parents think, "I'll go to a cheap teacher first and then come to you later." In that case, the students could, at worst, be so turned off to the instrument or frustrated by a bad teacher, that they quit. Or, at best, it can take years to undo the bad habits and techniques that an inferior teacher has taught them. My rates are reasonable and I can assure you, for that price, that you will get a very high level of professional, quality instruction.