Welcome to Green Room Records recording artist, Peter Green's website.  Peter has just released his new album, "Solo Flight", featuring new original solo guitar material and a few arrangements of some acoustic guitar classics.

     To purchase "Solo Flight", click here.

     To watch Peter in concert, click here.

     Anyone interested in bookings or private guitar instruction, please email peter at: prgreen@optonline.net. Also, go to the "Teaching" , "Bookings" or "Weddings" page for more detailed info.

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      Peter Green is now offering online guitar lessons. Study with Peter from the comfort of your own home. For more info, go to Peter's Teaching page. The first lesson is always free!

    Look for Peter's new line of guitar instructional videos, featuring lessons covering all aspects of guitar playing. These lessons will be tailored to beginner, intermediate and advanced students. They're an excellent learning tool and will help you to greatly improve your playing. Coming soon!


     Peter was one of 40 guitarists who competed in the International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship, in Winfield, Kansas, in Sept. of 2013. This competition drew some of the best players in the world. A great time was had by all! Peter is registered to compete again in 2015. Visit www.wvfest.com for more info.

   "Christmas Always Shines", written by Brian Moran, from Peter's album, "I Got The Blues For Christmas", is the winner of the 2009 "Recording Review" Christmas Song Production Contest! Congratulations to Peter and all the fine musicians who performed on the CD. To purchase the CD, click here - Store or navigate to the "Store" page on the website.

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